Main Divition III “Ludus”
Polished white bronze

Monte Carlo (MC)


Located on the seafront behind the Monte Carlo Casino, Main Divition III “Ludus” is the French artist Bernard Bezzina’s monumental work.
Bezzina fragments the unity of form, deconstructs his image to reconstitute it in a new order, an independent entity.
The sculpture is covered with cuts, incisions and cracks that evoke the signs of the erosion of time, dry riverbed, ripped-off tree bark by inscribing and showing the human being in the cycle of nature and its fragility.

Bezzina collaborated with our Foundry for the realization of this 5 meters work casted in white bronze. From clay model to polishing the production required a high level of craftsmanship and experience to ensure the detailed surface texture of the hatches, lines and engravings.
From large public works of art and installation all over the world, to small editions, Bezzina has been collaborating with our Foundry for years.